Sharing Information About Technology Choices and Decisions
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Under a variety of circumstances (new management or stakeholders become interested in the project, someone new joins the project team) you'll have people interested in learning about the overall architecture and design of your system.   There is no need to create from scratch the overall structrure and flow of how you will share this information - this set of slides and the accompanying audio soundtrack describe the materials to assemble into a technical presentation.


Is it time for a Technical Review?

If this is your situation:   Then:
  • You are creating a technical solution that has a new architecture, or
  • You have new stakeholders (new management) who want to become familiar with the technical solution you are building, or
  • New people have joined your project team and they need to understand the technical solution

It is a great time to share information in a Project Technical Review.


Introducing The Technical Review

The Technical Review defined in the overview materials below provide you with a useful starting point to assembling materials, organizing that information into a presentaon that will communicate to team members important information about the technical aspects of your software or systems project.


A Technical Review Template and A Presentation on Using this Template

This annotated set of alides accompanies the audio presentation (to the immediate right), providing details on the flow and content of a Technical Review.

This 20 minute audio briefing describes the flow and content of the Technical Review materials you'll be creating.  This overview is intended for project technical leaders and managers.

Introduces the concept of a Technical Review, providing the rationale and overview information - these slides are for all who are newly involved in a Technical Review.

Step-by-step guidance on preparing for a Technical Review - for a Program Manager who is identifying projects that will have their first review.    
Template An MS-Powerpoint Technical Review template, ready-to-use by a technical lead in preparing for a Technical Review.